Hey there! I’m so happy you’re interested in what I’ve got to say! I’m not exactly sure where this whole blog thing is going to go, so bear with me.

I figure I’ll start this out with who my little family is, some things we love and what some of our parent choices have been so far. More detailed posts will follow, don’t you worry.

I’m Daniele. I’m in my mid 20’s and recently became a mom to the sweetest baby boy. I work part time as an administrative assistant while my husband Mauricio works full time as a phlebotomist AND goes to school to become a Medical Laboratory Technician.  We live in a small tourist town in Utah, where we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build our own home. I grew up here, while my husband was born in Mexico and came here with his family when he was 11. We met my senior year of high school, dated for 6 years, got married and a year and a half later had our baby Oliver. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 turtles…yeah, we kind of like animals. We also really love traveling. While we don’t get to do it as much as we’d like to, you can expect a post here and there about our travels.

Becoming parents has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. We are so lucky to have the awesome son that we have. But making choices about how to raise and support another human is tough. Mauricio and I had several years where we openly talked about what we would want for our future children, so we knew we’d be on the same page for a lot of things. But there are lots of things you don’t think to talk about until they are happening, and I know there is still WAY more of that to come.

One mom choice I made before Oliver was born was cloth diapers. My main motivation was the price of disposables, but once I got researching I found so many other reasons to do it! I got a lot of negative reactions when I told people my plan and also some very supportive reactions. But after using them for 7 months I am 100% pro-cloth. I haven’t had to buy disposables yet!

A mom choice I made more recently was doing Baby Led Weaning (BLW for you internet savvy). This is one I am still working on since Oliver is still mastering eating, but man oh man does my boy love to eat! I’d say he’s 100% on board with the whole feeding himself thing. I’m learning more and more about BLW every day so by the time I get a proper post up about it I’ll probably have a lot more opinions and experience with it.

I’ve already got a lot of ideas to blog about so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up and hopefully some of you out there in internet land like reading about what I’ve got going on. For now, here’s some pictures my niece took of my family, maybe sometime I’ll explain how I have a niece old enough to have such awesome skills. You can check her out at kristinjayne.com she’s also doing the young mom thing and has a blog, you know if you’re in to mom blogs.


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  • Kristin

    Yay!!! I am so happy that you started! I don’t know how I am just seeing that it started but it looks great and I LOVE the way you write. I can’t wait to read more and more!!! Also, love the pictures (;

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