The second half of the second pregnancy

Well this pregnancy is almost over, so I guess it’s time for an update. Writing this I’m 38 weeks pregnant and in about one week I’ll have our baby so I figure I should get this pregnancy story wrapped up before she’s here. If you just did the very simple math on that and thought “wait aren’t pregnancies 40 weeks?” Yes, yes they are. But this time around we’ve decided that I’m going to get induced at 39 weeks. Last time I went over my due date by a few days, but this time my doctor is comfortable with inducing me at 39 weeks and I won’t lie, when he gave me the option I got pretty excited. I used to think that getting induced early was more for if you have a high risk pregnancy or a giant baby or something. But my doctor explained to me that they’ve done studies and actually getting induced at 39 weeks can lead to a smoother delivery and less chance of going to c-section. That coupled with the fact that we get to meet our baby girl sooner and know when she’ll be here led us to decide to give it a try this time. Crazy, but cool. 

All that being said, I want to update you all real quick on how the second half of this pregnancy has treated me. One thing has definitely stayed the same from the first half. This baby MOVES. I felt Oliver moving for sure but it wasn’t anywhere near as intense as baby girl. Almost every night I watch my stomach churn from her rolling around in there. I can feel her move her arms/legs vs her body. I never really felt like I knew what part of Oliver I was feeling when he moved, but with her it’s been pretty easy to figure out where she’s at and what she’s moving in there. Basically anytime I sit down and relax for a bit, she starts going wild. Hopefully I can get her to switch that after she is born…

25 weeks. Oliver always nearby.

Things that haven’t stayed the same. I’m no longer nauseous, like at all. I do still have some acid reflux, but baby girl sits way lower than Oliver did and so it’s been nowhere near as bad this time around. Don’t get me wrong, I still keep tums handy and have certain foods that I’m not eating. But overall, it’s not that bad. Also because she sits so low, I haven’t really had issues with being able to breathe. I remember the first time around I couldn’t lay on my back for more than a minute without feeling like I was running out of air. Now I still can’t lay on my back for long, but it’s more of a general comfort thing than a being able to breathe thing. I really don’t think there’s a comfortable way to lay when you reach a certain point of pregnancy. I can lay on one side or the other for a while, but any sort of comfort doesn’t really last long. And forget about rolling over to get comfortable on the other side. It takes all my effort to get rolled over and it never really seems like it was worth it. 

30 weeks. If its not Oliver, its Dude.

Another thing that is obviously different this time around is that I’m doing it with a toddler. I took many a nap during my first pregnancy but this time naps are a rarity. Oliver gave up naps right around when he turned two (although they may be making a comeback right now, so send all the positive nap vibes). But basically naps haven’t been an option for me this time. Also, he is just so active and therefore keeps me active all day. I won’t lie, I’ve let him watch way more TV than I used to just so we can have some down time, but I try my best to keep him engaged in other things as much as I can. He has been really interested in the baby though and I can’t wait to see how he reacts when the baby that we’ve been talking about for months is no longer in my belly.

37 weeks. Finally got her room together.

I think the biggest difference mentally in this pregnancy is the decision to induce at 39 weeks. Last time I went to 40 weeks and 2 days and I can’t stress enough how over it I was by then. The idea of knowing that I wouldn’t just be waiting forever (and trust me that last week and few days feels like FOREVER) for her to come was really appealing. I reached out to some family members who had been induced in previous pregnancies and they were all happy with their outcomes. So I decided to go for it. That means this babe will be here in a matter of days, and that’s for sure. Of course she still could have decided to come early, but by the time I’m finishing this post I’m only 3 days away from going in to get induced so I don’t think it’s likely she’s going to come earlier than that. 

Knowing when she’s coming is easier this time around because it allows us to have a plan in place for Oliver. My parents are watching him while I’m in the hospital and I’ve had this fear for months that she is going to come early and fast and there won’t be time to get Oliver to them. Obviously that hasn’t been the case, but either way knowing when I’m going to be in the hospital takes away a lot of the stress of what we’re going to do with Oliver when the time comes. 

I absolutely can’t wait to meet our little girl. I also can’t wait to be done being pregnant. I’m ready to start getting my body back.  I’m ready to be able to stand up without back pain. I’m ready to be able to hold my baby instead of having her randomly kick into my ribs and bladder simultaneously. I’m just ready. In a few short days we’ll have our baby and you can bet I’ll be doing another birth story post for baby girl.

38 weeks. Ready to pop!

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