2020 Reflection. 2021 Goals.

Well, 2020 happened. It’s been quite a year and it’s easy to get sucked in to the whole “2020 sucked” mentality. I know it’s been a tough year for a lot of people, whether it’s been job loss, sickness, not seeing loved ones ect. But when I sit down and reflect on the last year personally, it was a pretty good year. I’ll get into my goals in a bit, but I want to take a minute and highlight everything good that happened this year for us. If you’re looking for a Christmas card mailer year recap, you’ve come to the right post. I just think it’s extra important this year to sit down and focus on all the good that happened that year. 

This year, Mauricio graduated college, something he has been working towards for years. He wasn’t able to walk in a ceremony, but to be honest he wasn’t totally sure he was going to walk anyway. He did all of his classes online and was only at the campus of his school one time, so walking didn’t seem all too important to him. We did watch the virtual graduation they did, so there was that. After graduating, he was eligible to take the ASCP exam to officially become a laboratory technician. After a month of studying, he went and took the most nerve wracking test he’s ever taken. And he passed on the first try! Once he had passed his exam he was finally a technician, again something he was working on for years and it was a huge relief. He may still go forward and get his bachelors, but it’s been really nice having a break from school and being able to just live for a while. 

With Mauricio becoming a tech, I was finally comfortable quitting work entirely and be a stay at home mom. I absolutely love being home with Oliver and I’m so glad that I’m able to. I enjoyed working for the 2020 Census in the first part of the year, but as things progressed with Covid and my job was changing so much I decided it was time to quit. It took me a bit to adjust to not working at all, but I’m really happy with it. 

Then, we decided we were ready to try for a second baby. With Oliver being out of diapers and Mauricio being a tech, we decided if we were going to have another baby, now is the time. Then we instantly got pregnant and were shocked and thrilled. To top off that excitement for the year we found out that baby is a girl and we are so happy that we will have a boy and a girl!

Covid impacted our year, but we were lucky that it didn’t have a strong negative impact on our family. Mauricio works in a lab in a  hospital so his job was never on the line. We actually got to enjoy our town tourist free for a while. We spent lots of time as a family of three due to Mauricios new schedule and staying home more. But we did have some things that it changed. We had plans to go to Canada for my best friends wedding. We didn’t get to do any vacations this year. Oliver now thinks it’s totally normal to wear a mask when we leave the house (which is more than I can say for some adults). We spent less time reaching out to spend time with friends and neighbors than usual. But overall, I can’t complain too much about 2020 personally. I know it has been hard on many people and I’m fortunate that we have only been minimally affected by this crazy year.  

Now, to do as I usually do at the end of a year, I want to reflect on my year goals. For 2020 my main goal was to declutter the house. I’ll be honest, it didn’t go amazing. I did get some organizing projects done early in the year. I painted 3 rooms of the house and did my best to get them organized at the same time. We finally turned into adults and bought a bed set for ourselves which includes matching nightstands and a dresser. We’ve gone 10 years together with random mismatched furniture in our room and it is really nice to have proper furniture for ourselves. The biggest improvement on decluttering/organizing has come with the office, as I predicted. Since we decided to have a baby, the office is being turned into her room so we have A LOT of work to do in there. We’ve made slow progress on decluttering it, but in the last month we have really been working on it with the baby’s arrival getting closer. We’ve been rehoming and throwing away a lot from that room and hopefully in the next month or so we will have it emptied out and ready to paint. 

Our house is definitely different than it was at the beginning of the year, but there is still a lot of work to do on decluttering and I intend to keep going with it this year. My main goal for 2021 is kind of a resurrection of a 2019 goal. I want to be more connected with people around me and less focused on technology. With the new baby coming I know that I need to be ready to pay more attention to 2 kids and less attention to my phone. I really just want to revisit that goal for this year and make sure that I’m taking in all of the moments I can with my kids as they grow and change. 

I also want to be better with this blog. I really enjoy sitting down and writing these posts and I want to try and take more time to do it. I have lots of ideas for posts but for some reason I struggle to take the time to write them down (partially due to my mind-numbing scrolling on social media). I so appreciate all of you that take time to read my ramblings and I want to get more frequent posts out for you. 

I hope 2021 is easier on all of us and that we can move forward from this weird year.

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