2019 Reflection. 2020 Goals.

It’s a new year! If you were with me last year, you might recall that I’m not a huge believer in “New Year’s Resolutions”. But I do take the new year as an opportunity to reflect back on the year and see if there is anything I would like to change in the upcoming year. 

For 2019 I had two goals, become less technology dependent and less wasteful. Overall I think I did alright on those goals. In the summer months I was definitely on my phone way less. I took in the day around me and wasn’t constantly checking my phone all day. But as it got colder and  I was inside more, I regressed. The last 2 months I’ve been going back to old ways and using my phone more than I’d like to be. So, in continuing that goal. I’m going to move my phone out of my room for charging. Like most people, I charge my phone next to my bed at night. Therefore, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. I’ve decided that I’m going to start charging my phone in the office, across the hall. That way I can wake up and take in the morning instead of jumping on social media to see a bunch of nothing. 

My second goal for 2019 was to be less wasteful and kinder to the planet. I’d like to say I did pretty well at this one. But as with most things, I still have more to grow. I’ve used my reusable bags all year. I cut WAY down on paper towel usage by using rags to wipe down counters. I made cloth napkins for our house so we no longer use paper napkins. I carried my metal straws around with me all year, and sort of realized how little I used straws already. I also got cleaner cleaning products for our house with a grove subscription box. I’ve got compostable sponges and reusable spray bottles for daily cleaners. We’ve been recycling, even though I’ve been seeing all sorts of things about how recycling isn’t that good anymore. I still feel like it’s better to get some things recycled instead of sending ALL of it to the landfill. But I’ve also been recycling within our house. I use used glass jars for plant starts and used cans for crafts with Oliver. Overall I’m happy with my progress in this goal, but I’m still exploring more ways to be better to our planet and create less waste. This year I’m going to start my garden, fingers crossed, so I’m going to be composting a lot of our food waste. I’m also going to keep transitioning our house to less single use items at every opportunity. Packaging is one big frustration of mine. Like, why does my tube of toothpaste need to come in a box as well? It’s just annoying opening something and instantly throwing away half of the bulk of what you bought. Anyways, I’m still taking any and all recommendations for living a less wasteful life but I feel like I’m making progress on this one for sure. 

On top of the goals I’m continuing from 2019, I have a new one for 2020 as well. I’m going to de-clutter our house. Like most people in America, we have a lot of stuff. And a lot of that stuff is stuff that we don’t ever use, or use maybe once in a blue moon. So I’m going to focus on getting rid of the stuff we don’t use and organizing the stuff we do. I’ve always been a pack-rat so this isn’t an easy task for me. I look at things I haven’t used in years and think, oh but I’ll need it someday so I can’t get rid of it. I’m going to do my best to shift that mentality this year. If I haven’t used it in years, I’m probably not going to miss it if its gone. I’ve already started this with my closet. I have a lot of clothes that I don’t like anymore. Either they don’t fit right post baby, or they aren’t my style any more. Whatever the reason, they are constantly ignored when I’m getting dressed. I’ve even had several pieces that I’ve put on, looked in the mirror and thought “oh no, this is never going to work again”. So instead of leaving them hanging forever, I’ve been boxing them up to donate. This has been making room for new clothes that I do like. Now I have to get Mauricio on board with it too so our closet gets revamped throughout the year.

My biggest obstacle in this task is our office. It has been the clutter room since we moved in. It’s like we just dumped everything in there and walked away. I’ve slowly taken things out of boxes in an attempt to organize it, but for some reason it just stays a disaster area. It’s the room of “I’ll need this someday” stuff. Old chargers. Cameras that may or may not work. Old textbooks. You name it, it’s probably in there. This year, that changes. I want less clutter in the house. Fewer piles of random stuff that will maybe someday serve a purpose. More organization to the things we do need. I’m afraid to watch Marie Kondo because I think I’ll go too crazy all at once. So I’m going to try and tackle things room by room throughout the year. Take it slow and really go through the rooms and find true homes for the things we need and homes outside of mine for things we don’t. Hopefully by the end of the year we have less clutter and more quality things in our home. Ideally, everything in the house will have a purpose for our family. Wish me luck with this goal, it’s a big one for me.

I hope you’re all happy and healthy in this new year and new decade. As well as a reflection on the last year, I did a reflection on the decade. It was probably the most life changing decade I’ll ever have. I graduated high school, went to college, moved in with Mauricio, moved back to Moab, worked a lot and figured out how to run our own house, got engaged, built a house, got married, traveled a lot, and had a baby. It was a big decade to say the least. I don’t know if another 10 years can compare with all of that. But I’m ready to let the 20’s give it a try. For the next decade, I see a lot of growing, traveling and learning about parenthood. It’s going to be a whole new type of adventure.

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